Aaron Whitehouse

Artist Statement: For me creating art is “a way” and not so much an activity I do. It is what I engage in order to discover and better know myself and the world around me. I am an artist in the sense that I create, which makes me “a creator” and being a creator is much more of a spiritual identification than a technical one. I use all mediums in my art, and like most ventures involving that which is transcendent there r no rules or agenda or formal training, just raw unbridled creativity and understanding that all art forms communicate on a level well beyond simply what we see and hear….. Process: My work is primarily process oriented because it is meant to be a reflection of our lives which are also a process. We are a constant “work” so to speak and change is the brush stroke of time that happens to each of us. Process in itself tends to be a more generaI approach to a specific end, which is why I tend to prefer working with base colors and emotions rather than figurative structures and concepts. I don’t set out to create anything outside
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  • Foundation
  • For the Beachhouse
"Foundation"48" x 48"mixed media and UV resin on panel

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