Barbara Nerenz-Kelley

Chaos, destruction and reconstruction comprised an essential experience of my childhood in Germany during and after WW II. This caused a deep longing in me to bring order into disorder, clarity into confusion, stillness to quiet the inside and
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  • Windswept
  • Whispering Over Coffee
  • Where Words are Melting in the Air II
  • We Used to Go Down to the River
  • Walk After Sunset
  • Waking Up With A Forgotten Dream
  • Visit to the Concert
  • Untitled
  • Thoughts Dripping Down
  • Talking to You
  • Swiss Climb
  • Swirling Over the White Field
  • Sailing On
  • Rhythm of the Past
  • Remembering the Drum
  • Refugees 6
  • Refugees 4
  • Refugees 2
  • Refugees 1
  • Moonlight Will Make You See Enough
  • Letters From Abroad
  • Letter Without Address
  • Irene's Song
  • Idomeni 2
  • Idomeni 1
  • Have Been There
  • Forget Time and Just Be
  • Fingerprints
  • Chants, Hymns, and Dances II
  • Cave of the White Cloud
  • Arriving At Sunset
  • Ad Nome
"Windswept"9" x 12"acrylic graphite and coffee powder on paper

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