Claire Dunaway Cyr

Artist Statement: I grew up with a family dog and cat. When I was little, my parents also let me get two gerbils. They were both female and they lived a full happy life. After Buttons and Webster passed away, my parents let me get two more
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  • Woods Watch
  • Watch
  • Tweedle Dee Dee
  • Tweedle Dee
  • Spotted Woods
  • Shift
  • Nuisance?
  • If Picasso was a Bear
  • Heeled
  • Heavens Flowers (Artist Proof)
  • Heavens Flowers
  • Heavens Flowers
  • Heaven Whispers
  • Front Yard Bud
  • Figure II
  • Figure I
  • Even Studs Get the Blues
  • Droop
  • Dressed to Go
  • Commando
  • Build Up
  • Bow
  • Blues Bear
Woods Watch
"Woods Watch"11" x 8"Mokuhanga Print

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