Clara Blalock

Artist Statement: As a painter I prefer to work on large surfaces with oil. I begin a piece of work with a mark or a shape and let the painting take a life of its own. I create a situation where I can have a dialog with the canvas. This ‘dance' continues and creates the voice that tells the story. I love the surprises that occur when I'm in the ‘zone.' I like for a painting to have a sound structure. This may be somewhat lost in the finished piece but I want the viewer to know that there are ‘bones.' Color and sound composition are important to me, as well as some unpredictability. I strive for motion, energy and force, very important elements of the finished composition. Once started, I like to release my inhabitations and let the painting reveal its serendipitous conclusions. I don't ever want to quit growing and changing the way I work. I want my story to be one of evolution. I am always on a quest for that perfect piece of art.
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  • Winter Beach
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  • Dream Loud
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  • By the Light
  • Balancing Act II
  • Any Way You See It
"Yesterday" 36" x 36" Oil on Canvas

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