Connie Karleta-Sales

Drawing and writing began as instinct for survival. As a young girl, I taped everything underneath my clothes, and then discarded it all in various alleyway dumpsters. My friend and confidant simply made daily life possible. Today, beyond the ash of torn bits of papers past rises drawing as living beings. Breathing as
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  • Silent Trembling III
  • Silent Trembling II
  • Silent Trembling I
  • She Refused to Remain Dormant III
  • She Refused to Remain Dormant II
  • She Refused to Remain Dormant I
  • She Is the Apple Fruit II
  • Redemption Song
  • Rainmaker Tells Us
  • Not Super Girl
  • Letting Go Before We Say Goodbye
  • I am Poetry
  • Dream Walker II
  • Dream Walker
  • Body Ghost Tired Love
  • Being Fed in the Fields of the Lilies
  • Before the After II
  • Before the After I
  • A Prayer in Motion Wears a Cape
  • A Prayer in Motion is Triumphant
  • A Prayer in Motion is Rising
  • A Prayer in Motion is Baptized
  • A Prayer in Motion Dances
  • A Prayer in Motion Breathes
  • A Beautiful We
Silent Trembling III
"Silent Trembling III"18" x 14"Mixed Media on Paper

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