Dirk Walker

Artist Statement & Artistic Philosophy: I once read "Art is a delicate balance between the visual concept and each artist's technique". After years of chasing that artistic balance, it is the anticipation of the struggle that keeps me coming back to the canvas. Some 20 years ago, in the midst of a professional career and raising a family in Birmingham, Alabama, I unknowingly discovered
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  • The Gazebo in Marietta Square
  • The Fox
  • Sunset Falling On Piedmont Park
  • Sunday in Piedmont Park
  • South Georgia Plantation Quail Hunt
  • Small Batch
  • Piedmont Park in the Spring
  • Midtown Atlanta
  • Life in the City
  • Jewel of the South-ATL
  • It won't get any easier - Turkey Hunting
  • It Took Us a Long Time to Get Here But Worth the Wait
  • Holding Steady - Quail Hunting I
  • Holding Steady - Quail Hunt
  • Going to Mass
  • Game Day on the Campus of University of Georgia
  • Early Snow in Paris
The Gazebo in Marietta Square
"The Gazebo in Marietta Square"20" x 16"oil on canvas

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