Elizabeth Chapman

Artist Statement: I find the force and beauty of the creative process to be compelling. It is vital to my existence. While creating a mixed-media painting or sculpture, spirit and intuition guide while my hands mindfully follow. This is an intensely satisfying experience, thus my studio is my favorite place to be. I've always been curious and creative. I'm eternally grateful to my mother who nourished and encouraged my creativity. She says that I was always "creating something out of nothing". She got a kick out of my creations: and I got a kick out of hers. She loved flowers and we always had
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  • Woodland Journey
  • Soft Pink Ethereal IV
  • Shoreline Solitude
  • Shoreline Illuminations
  • Sapphire Radiance
  • Passion III
  • Lyrical Delicacy III
  • Lyrical Delicacy II
  • Land of Enchantment
  • Deep Blue Dawn
  • Coastal Allure at Dawn
  • Between Sun and Shadow IV
  • Aquatic Alterations
  • Another Place and Time
Woodland Journey
"Woodland Journey" 36" x 48" mixed media on canvas

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