Elizabeth Chapman

Artist Statement:

“A life-long artist, I’ve always been inquisitive and creative. Throughout childhood, my mother nurtured that creativity and fostered a love of nature. The beauty of the great outdoors is the main source of inspiration for my work. I enjoy painting its nuances of color and texture, as well as the drama of sunlight upon it.  Having lived on or near oceans & lakes for forty years, I adore observing water reflecting nature and enjoy recreating those fleeting moments when the exquisite nuances of light dance on water. There seems to be a spiritual aspect that marvels me, and I strive to replicate this beauty that touches my soul. As I’m painting, I prayerfully contemplate life. A clearer understanding of my life’s purpose seems to emerge when I’m in my studio. My paintings are personal narratives that give voice to my thoughts and explorations. I find the force and beauty of the creative process to be compelling. It is an intensely satisfying experience that is vital to my existence. I thank God for His gift of creativity and I desire to be a vessel for His glory."
Growing up in Missouri, Elizabeth attended the Kansas City Art Institute and graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a BS in Art Education. She taught art for 15 years at Boca Raton High School and Boca Raton Museum of Art. She founded the AP art program at BRHS and received “Teacher of the Year” and the “I Make a Difference Award”. She earned an MS degree from Florida International University in Miami, completing her thesis at Cambridge University in England and University of Swansea in Wales.  She retired from teaching after the birth of her son in 2000 and has been a full-time artist ever since.
Her paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Jamaica and the Middle East. Upon viewing one of Elizabeth’s solo art exhibits in South Florida, Michael Mills, of The Broward-Palm Beach New Times wrote, “Elizabeth Chapman’s paintings are glorious studies in color, texture and form. Her embrace of raw materials, combined with the balance she strikes between gestural spontaneity and careful deliberation, is enormously appealing. They make me hear music.”
A few other quotes about her work:
“It took my breath away! It’s lovely, peaceful, and three-dimensional in spirit, as well as, color and depth.”  Deborah Fiorito, President, 20K Group, Houston, TX
“Her mixed-media paintings grab the viewer’s attention with imagery that ebb and flow on the picture plane with soft lines and fluid movement.” Joel Betancourt,The Palm Beach Post
“Chapman’s work is intensely sublime, indefinable and fresh." Mark W. Hutchison, Photographer and Writer for Views Magazine
“Viewing Elizabeth Chapman’s tremendous and varied outpouring of creative energy is a richly rewarding process. Among them are her gorgeous large canvases with their pure aqueous abstraction." Laura C. Lieberman, Executive Director, Douglasville Cultural Arts Council
“Elizabeth Chapman’s paintings are earthy yet ethereal. Her exhibition of works is rich, organic, innovative and intense.” Alexia Davis, Broward-Palm Beach New Times

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Threshold with Doorbell
"Threshold with Doorbell"15" x 11"Mixed Media

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