Erika Guillory Page

Artist Statement: A subtle narrative thread runs through the complex layers, creases, and folds of Erika Guillory Page's work. Her paintings and works on paper are both immediate and intimate, and speak to the truth of her life experience. Each work urges the viewer to look beyond the surface and discover the stories within – memories forgotten, hidden, or even denied. Embedded in each work are fragments of her autobiography. Written across and carved into the painted surface are phrases that become progressively occluded by multiple layers of paint, representing the layered psychologies of damage and renewal, deceit and truth, and abuse and love. "There are words that hurt, words that More >>
  • Uncaged
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • The Hostage
  • Soul Transcended
  • Rocka Bye Baby
  • Mr. Belvedere
  • Battle of Peace & Chaos
"Uncaged" 36" x 36" oil and cold wax on canvas

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