Susan Easton Burns

Through her work, painter Susan Easton Burns portrays an intimacy with nature that few of us are fortunate enough to experience. She captures that sliver of a moment when time freezes and you are enveloped in the direct gaze of a wild animal – an instant of connection and unspeakable power. A love of both art and horses helped define Easton Burns’ childhood. She grew up in a small rural town outside of Niagara Falls, NY, surrounded by rolling hills and horse farms. At a young age, her father taught her how to paint and draw – activities he still enjoys today at 91 years old. She visited the Albright Knox Art Gallery, in Buffalo, NY, several times as a child. Her earliest influences were Giacomo Balla (Dynamism of a Dog on Leash) and Francis Bacon (Man with a Dog).   
When she “discovered” that you could major in art in college, there was no looking back. She earned a BS in Art Education with a minor in Painting and Ceramics. She has also studied painting under Suzanne Phalen, Stephen Clippinger (Buffalo), Irving Shapiro (Chicago), Don Bulucos (Chicago), and Sandi Grow Murray (Atlanta).
Easton Burns stayed busy as a teacher. She believes that staying connected to young artists and making contributions to the community are rewards themselves. After relocating to the Atlanta area in the mid 1980’s, she taught for several years at the Art Institute of Atlanta and the Portfolio Center. When she learned that the
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  • Who, Me?
  • What Are the Chances
  • Two By Two
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Total Eclipse
  • The Key
  • The Family
  • Tell Me
  • Still
  • Starting Over
  • Start Now
  • Song
  • Socially
  • Room to Move
  • Reason For Being
  • Portrait
  • Peter the Great
  • One World
  • Oh,Oh
  • My Grand Illusion
  • Muffin Man
  • Moment
  • Mercy Street
  • Maybe The Last Time
  • Main Street
  • Lost
  • Light Rain
  • Light
  • In Sickness and Health
  • I Can't Exactly See Where I'm Going
  • High Note
  • Going
  • First
  • Defeat
  • Dear God
  • Darker Shade of Pale
  • Cultivate
  • Connected
  • Columbus
  • Color of Forgiveness
  • Choose
  • Brother
  • Breathe
  • Both Sides
  • Baptism of Fire
  • Bang
  • Attack is Retreat
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  • 2018 May Show Paper Pieces
  • 100 Billion Galaxies
Your Vision is Blurred
"Your Vision is Blurred"21" x 17"Acrylic

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