Terrence Gasca

Artist Statement: City Scenes: The urban environment and the diversity of subject matter it presents is the very thing that keeps me connected to my work and excited to produce more. I am regularly inspired by people and objects in everyday settings. Calling attention to the subtle beauty found in "ordinary" subjects excites me because it is generally perceived as commonplace and is so often overlooked. If I can influence a viewer's awareness or perception of something so ordinary through the use of color, light, and composition, then I feel I have found success. Faces: Terrence
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  • Walking the Line
  • Unwritten Silence
  • Unveiled
  • The Process
  • Submerged
  • Steady
  • She Became Visible
  • Second Space
  • Reluctance in Red
  • Portrait 4
  • Portrait 3
  • Portrait 2
  • Portrait 1
  • On View
  • NOLA, Canal Street
  • Life's Moment
  • Inner City Blues
  • Imbued
  • Future Past
  • Foot of the Flatiron
  • Exposed
  • Earnest
  • Duration and Doom
  • Bike Lane
  • Bent
  • Beneath the El
  • Belated Fortune
  • Behind the Bar
  • Against the Flow
  • Adorned in Light
Walking the Line
"Walking the Line" 24" x 24" Framed Oil on Board

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