Toni Lyons Phillips

My work is about the mystifying allure of nature. I explore an abstract vocabulary inspired by gestural line and organic forms. Falling somewhere between recognizable aspects of nature and abstraction, my paintings portray an essence of past memories, feelings, and a sense of place. I utilize and draw from memory to create forms found in nature to tell a small story or give a description about the whole, all different yet alike, just like nature. An ever evolving process begins with energetic mark making progressing to layer upon layer of paint, each leaving remnants to create interest within the composition. Painting begins with movement of the brush and is directed by my mind from the deepest part of my inner self. 


Growing up in Louisiana, I spent many days exploring the lush landscapes of the South and developing a love of nature. Observation of nature intrigued and captivated me throughout my youth. Exploring bayous, creek banks, rivers, and forests instilled a visual refinement and an intuitive experience that rest forever imprinted on my mind. These splendid, carefree, and serene snapshots   are a memory bank full of images from which I can now glean. Even though an essence of childhood memories remain, it is coupled with today's distinct observations. My work is a push and pull of those two dichotomies - the very familiar and vivid together with the obscure. 


The natural world continues to offer some of those same feelings felt as a child when seeing the wonderment of the outside world up close and personal. Studio time and the painting process grant a feeling of excitement of being back as a child chasing the adventure and discovering nature all over again and falling in love, as if for the first time. Mostly inspiration comes from the randomness of the lines and shapes found in nature. I am amazed at the pattern, complexity, and relationship of all nature's rhythms. Ongoing observations of the natural world still intrigue me with energy and optimism in the power and celebration of the mystery of nature.


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White by the Gate
"White by the Gate"36" x 36"Mixed Media on Canvas

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