Wyanne Thompson

Artist Statement: Conscious and confident with every brushstroke, painting represents my life as an oral cancer warrior. Raw canvas is direct, pure, and challenging. My
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  • You're Always In Your Own Way
  • World Within Worlds
  • What You're Really Thinking
  • Up To No Good Gang
  • Two Birds in Hand
  • Together We Rise
  • Thumbs Up
  • Stars Align
  • Star Crossed
  • She Made The First Move
  • Saturday Night to Sunday Best
  • On Butterfly WingsI
  • On Butterfly Wings II
  • Journey Home
  • Dream of Peace
  • Double Sh*ts
  • Don't Be A Chicken Sh*t
  • All Paths Lead Here
You're Always In Your Own Way
"You're Always In Your Own Way"48" x 24"Mixed Media on Canvas

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