Where do you want to go? Dirk Walker will take you there. His love of the urban landscape tells the stories of the streets of Paris, New York, Atlanta and locations in between. His work is featured in the current “Oh the Places You’ll Go” show.

Spring in the City

His paintings give you a sense of the vibrancy of place with soaring buildings and the fluid march of city dwellers. And city dwellers, it seems, have a great affinity for dogs. I count 4 in Spring in the City. Typical of his painting style, abstract realism, the paint appears to drip toward the bottom of the canvas making space for shadows and light to mingle. The light colored paints on the street suggest reflection. Maybe the street is wet because it just rained?


Summertime in the South - Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park in Atlanta is a fun place to ride bikes, picnic, take a stroll, read a book or just people watch. Naturally, it’s a popular place for artists to hang out, and many paintings have been created over the years. This summertime glimpse is lush with the greenery that has earned Atlanta the occasional reference as the Emerald City. The interplay of color on the buildings in the background provides both a jumping off point and the place the viewer’s eye keeps returning. The best part of this urban pathway is there are no cars in sight.


Valentine's Day Snow in Paris

In Valentine’s Day Snow in Paris, Walker seems to return to his Industrial Design background exploring the arched underside of the Eifel Tower. In this painting, the viewer’s eye circles clockwise from the couple in the foreground to the shape of the tower in the background.

Walker often refers to his time at the easel as a struggle to strike a balance with a visual concept and his own individual technique. He blends techniques used by the masters, and more contemporary ideas. His struggle creates harmony for the viewer.

Dirk Walker photo

Want to Meet A True Southern Gentleman? 

Oh, and a pretty terrific Artist.

Join us for a special afternoon Art Talk.

Meet Birmingham Artist Dirk Walker

Saturday, June 27th

 12noon - 2 pm

He will be talking about his art, the process and thoughts behind the artwork, as well demonstrating his technique. 




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