Walk On is the name of the new May show. As always, the month associated with the Kentucky Derby features new work by our very own Contemporary Equestrian Art ‘Queen Bee’ Susan Easton Burns.

When it comes to equine art, Susan Burns is in a class by herself. The Official 2014 Kentucky Derby Artist has now celebrated her second stint as the Official Atlanta Steeplechase artist. Through her recent artistic successes, she has achieved local and national recognition for her outstanding work.

A true artist, Susan never rests on her success. Her love of art and horses drives her on to “kick up the divots” of the next project, and then the next. Her involvement in the Kentucky Derby has opened some doors for the prolific artist. Following in her footsteps, daughter Julia Burns took up sculpture work at an early age, and has pursued it with a passion. Early in 2015, Susan was featured at the Booth Western Museum alongside her daughter Julia for the “Altered States” Exhibit. Being part of a museum exhibit was a longtime dream of Susan’s, and it was made even more meaningful with her daughter’s brilliant sculpture work as part of the show.

She has also participated in a number of other shows. Says Burns, “Being awarded the Kentucky Derby job has made life easier in some ways and more difficult in others … it’s about finding a healthy balance … and being able to say no sometimes.  It’s about being able to ask for help and enjoy the ride.”

Burns shares that the popularity brought on by success in highly visible events like the Kentucky Derby have brought a number of invitations to events and gallery shows. Keeping up with the demands of an event-laden schedule tends to cut time in the studio painting short. It also keeps her from her love of riding the horses she so masterfully paints. “   I have to really plan my time ….that’s the main thing.”

We are proud to have the Queen Bee and Daughter Julia back in the gallery for May’s Show Walk On. See the latest work by mother and daughter who share a passion and incredible talent. Opening night is May 1st and will be part of the Marietta Art Walk.



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