Sculptor Kevin Chambers & Marquetry Artist Christie West

dk Artist Kevin Chambers creates sensual artwork that makes us… swoon.  We caught up with him to talk about the upcoming live model demonstration of his work and his latest experiences.

Sculpture ArtistBackground: Kevin Chambers is a classical sculptor that works primarily in bronze whose work has been collected and displayed internationally. He got his start at the young age of 12 when he became an apprentice to a successful painter and artist. After gaining his degree at the Art Institute of Atlanta, he continued study through the years with standouts in the industry and his work now reflects the detail of a seasoned artist. Today he has his own studio where he teaches figurative art classes focusing on anatomy, gesture and proportion. Recently he was tapped to produce a public military memorial, something that gave him a unique experience and challenged him on another level. Since early 2014, Chambers has been thrilling dk audiences with his sensual sculpted pieces.

dk: What can visitors expect to see at the demonstration?

Kevin Chambers "WISHFUL THINKING" Cold Cast Bronze with Wood Base

Kevin Chambers
Cold Cast Bronze with Wood Base

Chambers: The focus of this demo will be showing the process of creating a portrait bust from a live model. Native American artist and Marietta resident Vision Bear is going to be my model for the demo. I wanted to sculpt his portrait the minute I met him and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do it. The portrait is also something that I can build up and work through quickly so it works really well with a demo and an audience. It of course will not be a finished piece at the end of the demo but we will at least have a sketch of the model. I will also have other examples to view.

dk: So there will be no nude model at this demo?

Chambers: I will probably bring along a full figure piece that is in progress to help show the entire process. If I brought the model along for that piece I think they would shut down the square ;).

dk: Why do you use bronze most commonly as your medium?

Chambers: There are lots of advantages in its strength and versatility. But also bronze is the only medium that truly captures what the artist originally created in clay. Each little touch to the surface of the clay model is visible in the bronze cast. You can see an example of this in finished surface of “AETHERIUM” which shows the texture from the original clay model. You can also select many different kinds of finishes. I work with an experienced patineur at the foundry, and he has opened up a whole new dimension to the pieces with in-depth layered finishes.

dk: You have so many pieces we love, so I’m sure it’s hard to choose—which is your favorite?

Kevin Chambers "AWAKEN" Cold Cast Iron with Steel and Wood Base 64" x 10" x 10"

Kevin Chambers
Cold Cast Iron with Steel and Wood Base
64″ x 10″ x 10″

Chambers:  My favorite piece is always whichever piece I’m currently working on. It is the one that has the most energy and I am inspired to work on at the moment. My favorite completed piece would have to be “Awaken” that is in the (Romance of the Figure and Nude) show now. She is a very personal piece that represents the last year of my life. She appears to be very guarded and stressed, but it is really the opposite. She is peeking out and awakening from that state. For me this last year was extremely stressful, opening the new studio, completing my first public monument, losing a close friend suddenly. Sometimes I just wanted to curl into a ball and quit– but of course you don’t do that. For me she is a way of telling that story.

dk: You have been showing work at dk Gallery for two years now. What has your experience been like?

Chambers: My experience with dk gallery has been amazing. My work is very representational and I was worried I would not be a good fit for the gallery over time but it has been just the opposite. People have responded to representative sculpture. dk Gallery really supports their artists and does everything they can to promote them. I most often work with Ashley and she has such great energy. The entire dk team is really outstanding!

dk: Thanks Kevin! We think you are pretty outstanding, too!

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