Archived Shows

December 2019

Holly Irwin 100 Years of Fashion 1920 – 2020

Come share in the magic of Holly Irwin’s “100 Years of Fashion” decking the walls and sparkly holiday trees donned with small gems of work by all dk Gallery artists at this traditional Holiday show!

November 2019

November Art Walk

New work by dk Gallery artists and featuring Carlton Kell, a local Marietta piano and vocal sensation live. Here featuring Karlene McConnell and Jessica Eichman.

October 2019

Fall at dk Gallery & October Art Walk

Come enjoy the turn of seasons on the Marietta Square with a warm palette of the Best of dk Gallery artists. New work from Amy Cobb, Elizabeth Chapman, Catie Radney, Jennifer Rivera, Laura Surace, Jennifer Gibbs, Claire Dunaway, Suzy Schultz, Karlene McConnell, Shellie Crisp & Holly Irwin. The BEST of dk Gallery!

September 2019

A Man’s Cave

All a man needs for his own space: sports, bourbon, hunting, fishing, art and a whole lot more. Featuring Dirk A Walker and accompanied by Heather Blanton, Claire Cyr Dunaway, Steve Dininno, Alberto Mier, & Bruce Marion This month’s show will shed light on Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Georgia and share their Devereux Georgia’s Hope Event: Painting A Picture of Hope. Come paint a picture of Hope with us. Meet the Devereux staff at the opening and see student’s “man cave” art that will be available for auction at the Sept 19 event at Marietta Country Club.

August 2019

Curated by Design(er)

Experience the power of art through the eyes of 30 of Atlanta’s most compelling Interior Designers.

July 2019


Once a year dk Gallery invites new artists to join our stable. Come experience the wonder of this exciting group of artists! Introducing Heather Blanton, Jessica Saterstrom Eichman Emily Farish Beck Karlene Janssen McConnell Lynn Herter Driver. And welcoming full time to our stable Jeff Surace and Laura Dewberry Surace.

June 2019

Mr. & Mrs.

Five dk Gallery artists are married to artists.

This June show will highlight full-time dk Gallery artists Christy Kinard Davenport and Jon Davenport. Also featuring Holly Irwin and husband Ron, Susan Easton Burns and husband Mark Burns, Steve Dininno and wife Astrid Dininno Kevin Chambers and wife Lauren Chambers and guest artists Jeff Surace and wife Laura Dewberry Surace

May 2019

Susan Easton Burns & Julia Burns: Together

Mother & Daughter talents Susan Easton Burns and Julia present their newest collection of equestrian art and more.

April 2019

Shellie Lewis Crisp: ONION, An Art Show
with Ashes of Old Ways

ONION. A multilayered art show with a collaboration of writings, markings, and structures. This body of work connects on common ground with help from those near and dear to Shellie. The art will be accompanied by the acoustic sound of Ashes of Old Ways, an Americana band from Folly Beach, with Shellie’s husband, Jamie Crisp on the bass. Music will be at the gallery from 6-7:30 pm. Music will continue next door at Hemingway’s starting at 8 pm.

March 24, 2019

Vivid Art Talk

Three of our featured artists in this month’s show (Wyanne, Lauren Pallotta Stumberg, and Toni Lyons Phillips) will share bright and inspiring conversation on their journey to becoming full-time artists.

March 2019


March will kick off the 2019 Art Walk season and dk Gallery will bring VIVID color to the white walls with Wyanne Thompson, Lauren Pallotta Stumberg & Toni Phillips. Also featuring Lorra Kurtz, Steve Dininno, & Catie Radney.

February 14, 2019

All Day Valentine’s Day at dk Gallery

From 11- 8 pm, live piano love ballads, chocolates and our 11th Annual Nude & Figure show all day will set the tone for your most memorable Valentine’s. Our tradition of David Goldhagen glass hearts, nude sketches and paintings and floral bouquets in paint will continue. Gallery open on Valentine’s Day 11 – 8 pm

February 2019

11th Annual Nude & Figure Show

This Super Bowl Friday things heat up with our patron favorite, the 11th Annual Nude & Figure show featuring classical and contemporary works by Susan Easton Burns, Kevin Chambers, Amy Cobb, Claire, Dunaway, Erin Henry, Holly Irwin, Connie Karleta Sales, Shellie Lewis, Alberto Mier, Catie Radney, Suzy Schultz, Dirk Walker and guest artist Lars Finderup, Ron Irwin, Chase King & Nancy Sanders.

Art Talk with Ginger Oglesby
Ginger Oglesby will share her journey from professional dancer to visual artist and how one informs the other. You also will learn about the “Rhythm and Movement” of mark making by making your own marks! Join us for a fun afternoon!

January 2019

Ginger Oglesby: “Rhythm and Movement”

Ginger Oglesby is an artist of dance and visual fine art.
Her oeuvre reflects the movement & rhythm of dance in a non-objective, abstraction style with fluid brush strokes and bold mark making.
Come see the explosion of color on canvas this January 4, 6-8 pm.

December 2018

“Modern Impressionism”

Elizabeth Chapman creates sophisticated harmony with her signature interplay of color and light.
The peaceful White Walls will serve as the perfect backdrop for the traditional small gems adorning the White Trees!

November 2018

10 Year Anniversary Weekend: “The Best of dk Gallery”

Friday, Nov 2, 5-9 pm Art Walk and the Best of dk Gallery
featuring the Bill VanDyke Jazz Ensemble
Saturday, Nov 3, 12-2 pm “The Art Road Show with Selma Paul”
An Antique Road Show Style Afternoon
Come learn about the Art Market, what to buy and not buy, and how works are appraised and valued.
Sunday, Nov 3, 12-2 pm Collector Brunch with the Atlanta Contemporary String Trio
By Invitation Only

October 2018

“Grits & Glory”

Featuring art of all things Southern!
Grits & Glory features Claire Dunaway Cyr, Dirk Walker, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Elizabeth Chapman, Ginger Oglesby,
Susan Easton Burns, Holly Irwin, Jon Davenport, Lorra Kurtz, Shellie Lewis Crisp, Steve Dininno and guest artist Caroline Youngblood.
And introducing 3 new artists to the dk Gallery stable:
Lisa Underwood, Christy Kinard, and Toni Phillips.

September 2018

Faith & Hope

August 5, 2018

Lorra Kurtz Encaustic Demonstration

Sunday, August 5, 2-4 pm
Join us for a live demonstration of one of the oldest mediums used in art today – encaustic! Lorra is an encaustic master and
will be painting live in the Gallery and answering questions. It’s an afternoon that’s not to be missed!

August 2018

“Roots & Wings”

A solo show featuring the encaustic and mixed media work of Lorra Kurtz.

July 2018


Our July show will focus on artwork centered on the face.

June 2018


A special show curated by gallerina’s Krista Moase and Paiton McDuffie, featuring work by young and emerging artists.

May 2018

Susan Easton Burns & Julia Burns

Susan Easton Burns’ and Julia Burns’ equestrian and animal themed pieces will be displayed during Derby month in this
exquisite mother-daughter show that has become dk Gallery tradition.

April 2018


featuring the vibrant and vivacious Cuban inspired artwork of Ana Guzman.

March 16-18, 2018

“Art – The Play”

dk Gallery’s first live theatre performance held in the Gallery!
3 Exclusive Show Nights

March 2018

“Romance of the Nude & Figure”, Continued

Join us for the 2018 Art Walk Kick Off and the continuation of our 10th Annual Nude & Figure show.

February 2018

“Romance of the Nude & Figure”

Our tenth annual Nude & Figure show featuring figurative work from Patricia Beggins Magers, Gena Brodie-Robbins, Kevin Chambers,
Jon Davenport, Terrence Gasca, Erin Henry, Holly Irwin, Connie Karleta-Sales, Shellie Lewis, Catie Radney, Brooke Shaden, and Ashley Wingo.

January 2018

“Kaleidoscope Explosion”

An explosion of color from Gena Brodie-Robbins, Jon Davenport, Susan Easton-Burns, Ana Guzman, Spencer Herr,
Lorra Kurtz, Ginger Oglesby, Lauren Pallotta, Trip Park, Catie Radney, Jennifer Rivera,  Lori Schinelli, and Wyanne.

September 2017

A Thousand Words: This show will highlight artists whose work is rooted in a literary art form like poetry or song.

August 2017

Cool Down:
Group Show

July 2017

Warm Up:
Group Show

June 24, 2017

Art Talk | Paper please:
Hear from dk Artists Steve Dininno, Ana Guzman, Connie Karleta Sales, and Alberto Mier.

June 2017

Pin Up!:Group Show

May 2017

Susan Easton Burns & Julia Burns Solo Show

April 2017

Spring Soiree

March 2017

Dirk Walker Interpretations: The Journey Continues

February 2017

9th Annual Romance of the Nude & Figure

January 2017

New Year. New Work. New Artists

December 2016

Square Christmas

November 2016

Photo Abstraction

October 2016

POP!start: Young emerging artists curated by Gallerinas Ashley Malone & Paiton McDuffie.

September 2016

Smile: including all art that makes you smile!
Featuring guest artists Barbara Olsen, Kathy Walton, and Chris Beck.

August 2016

Inside Out: Jodie Hutchens, Adam Thomas, Terrence Gasca and Dirk Walker.

July 2016

I’ve Got the Blues: featuring all dk Artists.

June 2016

On the Surface: Joe Adams, Aaron Whitehouse, James Garrett and Shellie Lewis.

May 2016

Still Life: Jodie Hutchens, Jenny Schultz, Lorra Kurtz, and Holly Irwin.

January 2016

New Year. New Artists. New Work.

December 2015

White Christmas: Holidays at dk Gallery and small works.

November 2015

Mademoiselle: A Holly Irwin solo show featuring a new series of figure paintings inspired by the life & work of Coco Chanel.

October 2015

Once Upon a Time: An imaginative show exploring story-telling and narrative in art.
Featuring Jeanie Tomanek and Ginger Birdsey, also with Barbara Olsen.

September 2015

Pretty in Pink: Our favorite color is Pink. End of story.

August 2015

About Face: A portraiture show exploring the change in direction or attitude of traditional portraiture throughout history to the fresh, contemporary styles of today.

July 2015

Farm to Table: A landscape and still life show featuring artists Michael Brennan,
Susan Easton Burns, Robin Cheers, Heather Foster, Cecilia Haught, Spencer Herr,
Jodie Hutchens, Holly Irwin, Lorra Kurtz, and David Wendel.

June 2015

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!: a landscape and cityscape show featuring Elizabeth Chapman,
Helen DeRamus, Steve Dininno, Terrence Gasca, Ana Guzman, Jodie Hutchen,
Shellie Lewis-Dambax, Roos Schuring, and Dirk Walker.

May 2015

Walk On: a mother and daughter show featuring Susan Easton Burns and Julia Burns.

March 2015

Smile: A show where all the art makes you smile. That’s all.

April 2015

Breaking the Rules: featuring dk Gallery abstract artists, Clara Blalock, Elizabeth Chapman, Helen DeRamus,
Gina Hurry, Lorra Kurtz, Karen Laborde, Barbara Nerenz-Kelley, and Jennifer Rivera.

Art Talk with Joe Thomas, Cubism and the Not-So-Revolutionary Roots of Abstraction?: Have you ever wondered where abstract art came from? Or been skeptical about its purpose or value? This illustrated lecture shows how abstraction evolved naturally from representational art by briefly examining its progenitors (Impressionism and Post-Impressionism) and then using early twentieth-century Cubism as a vehicle to demonstrate the esthetics and logic of abstract art.

2015 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Decorators Show House & Gardens, opens this Saturday. We are honored to provide art for 5 of Atlanta’s most talented interior designers: Ann Wisniewski of AJW Designs Inc., Beth Kooby Designs, Kirkland and King Design Associates, Loren Taylor Interior Design, and Nina Nash of Matthews Furniture

You will enjoy art from dk artists: Julia Burns, Kevin Chambers, Elizabeth Chapman, Helen DeRamus, Gina Hurry, Holly Irwin, Karen Laborde, Kristopher Meadows, and Jennifer Rivera.

February 2015

Romance of the Figure & Nude
featuring work by Kevin Chambers, Helen DeRamus,
Gina Hurry, Holly Irwin & Kristopher Meadows.

January 2015

Opening Night and Art Talk with Susan Easton Burns
Bergman Theatre at the Booth Western Art Museum

December 2014

“Small Wonders”: Holidays at dk Gallery






Art Opening featuring Elizabeth Chapman at Bryan Alan Kirkland Designs Studio

November 2014

Gallery 1: Come Home for the Holidays: a solo show with Dirk Walker
Gallery 2: Introducing new artist Ana Guzman

October 2014

Shields and Boundaries: Shellie Lewis-Dambax Solo Show.

September 2014

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Sculpture, Paper works, Fiber & Collage.

August 2014

Some Like it Hot: Encaustic, Metal & Glass featuring work by Helen DeRamus, David Goldhagen, & Syd Atkinson.
Live glass blowing and Fire Art Dancing will accompany the artists in attendance.

Live Encaustic Demonstration with Helen DeRamus: She will give a sneak peek into the world of encaustic painting. This method of painting comes from an ancient technique that has been updated for contemporary use. Find out how the paint is made and applied and why encaustic is so versatile. Discover why this is one of the most permanent methods of painting as Helen gives a demonstration of the various steps necessary as well as the special tools needed to create a work of art.

July 2014

Blue & Gray

June 2014

Like Father, Like Son: Featuring Jimmy, Christopher, and Thomas Arvid & Lyall and Steve Penley

May 2014

May Days

April 2014

A Two-Woman Show featuring Gina Hurry & Catie Radney.

March 2014

Ask the Experts: Contemporary Art in Design
Expert Panel including HGTV’s Elbow Room Designers Chip Wade & Christi Holcombe,
Photographer Emily Followill, Corporate Designer Susan Greer-Mote and Editor/Writer Lisa Mowry.

February 2014

Romance of the Figure & Nude featuring work by Helen DeRamus, Holly Irwin & Kris Meadows.

December 2013

White Christmas

November 2013

5 Year Anniversary Show: Celebrate with the 5 Senses

October 2013

Gallery 1, All Creatures Great & Small featuring work by Susan Easton Burns
Gallery 2, Claire Dunaway, Maureen Engle & Melissa Snyder

September 2013

Farm to Table: A Landscape & Still Life Show

August 2013

Oh, The Places You’ll Go (Reprise)

July 2013

I Remember When

June 2013

dk Discovers
Gallery 1, Local Art School Students from SCAD, KSU, SPSU & GSU
Gallery 2, International New Talent

May 2013

Gallery 1, Downstream:

Joyce Howell Solo Show

Gallery 2, Abstractions:

Featuring Work by Jennifer Rivera & Katie Robinson

April 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

featuring Susan Easton Burns, Kathy Cousart, Helen DeRamus,
Barbara Dunham, Carolyn, Goldsmith, John Guernsey, Alberto Mier, Charles Emery Ross & Marissa Vogl

March 2013

Body Language

by Holly Irwin

February 2013

Expressions of Love:

Poetic Abstractions by Jennifer Rivera and The Atlanta Poetry Community
& Nude and Figural work by Cameron Hampton, Kris Meadows, and Catie Radney

January 2013

Lance Carlson & the Boys of Winter

featuring Charles Emery Ross, Terrance Gasca, Jim Greenwood, & John Guernsey