Jared Knox

My goal is to reflect my love for Jesus through my art by bringing glory to his creation. The things that have brought joy to my life are the very things that are represented in my art. These subjects will include wildlife, sports scenes, and important figures. Upon viewing my portraits, I hope that my audience can escape with a nostalgic memory of the portrayed character. I hope that my wildlife-focused paintings allow the viewer to withdraw into a raw, one on one experience with the subject. This ability to create art has been an incredible yet random blessing, and the only proper response to receiving this gift is to worship God with it. God the Creator is the ultimate artist, we can only hope to glorify Him by making reflections of what He has already created. My art is a celebration of His love and majesty.

Many of these paintings include a wide variety of acrylic colors oriented to show the motion of life being portrayed. Others of these works have much more life like detail in which I challenge myself to reflect the subject more accurately. Each piece of art I have created is incredibly unique and provides a different challenge. I am honored to share my art with all who view it, and hope the audience can associate each image with their own personal memories.


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