Jon Davenport

Artist Statement: With his background in advertising, skills in digital art and passion for photography, Jon mixes it all together with a confident use of the paintbrush, enabling him to explore the process of deconstructing iconic imagery from the past and present.

Process: Jon starts out with photos of his paint stained studio floor and collages in articles/advertising from an array of vintage magazines collected over the years; plus any other interesting stuff captured on his travels. He then transfers the images to a panel board, layering them on with gel medium, together with strokes, splashes, drips and splats of paint. Once its dry, another layer of gel mediu, is poured on to give it a melting effect. After it drys off again, another layer of paint is added to embellish a few areas and to accentuate or fade out certain aspects. Then finally a coat of water based polyurethane is added for protection and to make the colors pop.

Artist Bio: From biology student to owning and running a creative agency in London to a career as a fine artist, life has taken Jon Davenport on a reqarding and unconventional journey. Despite his scientific beginnings, he's always had a strong artisitc streak weaving its way through the his different career paths.

Growing up in Ipswich, UK Jon was always an avid drawer, and could often be found with a pencil and paper in hand. With the arrival of his first computer, he embraced the new frontier of digital art, and had work published in one of those early computer magazines. The stage was set! His creative urges took a backseat to getting a biology degree at Brunel University in London. It was afterwards, in his first job working at Archant newspaper group in Ipswich, that he quickly progressed from plate maker to becoming an integral member of the art studio. It was during this time that he taught himself Photoshop, desktop publishing and graphic & web design. 

After a few years, he setup a design agency, and eventually went full time and moved to London. This proved to be a successful move, working for a number of clients such as Nike and Virgin, and gaining praised from the likes of Richard Branson and Tony Blair. 

It wasn't until Jon moved to the USA to marry his wife, Atlanta artist Christy Kinard , that he began indulging his pure creative urges, with her constant encouragement. Thanks to all the previous twists and turns, as well as embracing a new found love for photography and the paintbrush, it was only then that he could truly begin to create artworks that he was proud of.

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25 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060


25 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060
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