Elizabeth Chapman

Arist Statement: A life-long artist, I've always been inquisitive and creative. Throughout childhood, my mother nurtured that creativity and fostered a love of nature. The beauty of the great outdoors is the main source of inspiration for my work. I enjoy painting its nuances of color and texture, as well as the drama of sunlight upon it. Having lived on or near oceans & lakes for forty years, I adore observing water reflecting nature and enjoy recreating those fleeting moments when the exquisite nuances of light dance on
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  • Wonder Full
  • Symphony of Light III
  • Symphonic Movement Series
  • Spinnaker
  • Spa Series XI
  • Spa Series IV
  • Spa Series
  • Sapphire & Green Sensations
  • Open Windows
  • One Last Nod to Summer II
  • Mississippi Morning Light
  • Mind in Motion IV
  • Let Heaven and Earth Praise Him
  • Layers of Love
  • Jewel Tones Circles II
  • Jewel Tones Abstract XI
  • Jewel Tones Abstract VII
  • Jewel Tone Organic Floral
  • Jewel Tone Mini II
  • Jewel Tone Mini I
  • Jewel Tone III
  • Harbor
  • Gray Spots I- III
  • Fishing Frenzy
  • Cool Gray Water I, II, V
  • Contemporary Organic Series
  • Coastal Allure at Dawn
  • Circles of Life
  • Calm Coast Series
  • Blue Vibrance
  • Awaiting Spring
  • Autumn Exploration
  • Another Place and Time
  • An Elegant State of Mind
  • Golden Visit
Wonder Full
"Wonder Full"36" x 48"Mixed Media on Canvas

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