Heather Blanton

Artist Statement: My work is energy made manifest. The human spirit thriving on excellence only brought through competition. They are celebrations of the humans spirit and the will to win. 
Biography: Known for her graphite and acrylic works depicting the art of motion while celevrating competition and the
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  • Ski School
  • #719 Mini Golf
  • #716 Cause for Celebration
  • #709 Let's Do This
  • #678 FORE!
  • #676 RIDE!
  • #667 RUN!
  • #488 Winner Takes All
  • #487 Golfer with Greens
  • #412 Cyclists Peloton on White
  • #245 Colorful Cyclists in the Peloton
Ski School
"Ski School"36" x 36"Acrylic & Pencil on Canvas

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