Shellie Lewis Crisp

Artist Statement: My work is a direct reflection of my mood and emotional state. The Act of creating is also a struggle for me that opens a new conversation and awareness within myself. The process of my creations begin with writing, sketching randomly and rhythmically, applying various
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  • Up Against the World
  • Tyler
  • Two Flowers
  • To Be Out
  • Tattoo Bar Stool
  • Sunday Morning
  • Small Faces
  • Salvation Empathy
  • Rosemary
  • Ornaments
  • Orange Flower
  • Night Before
  • Ms. James & Magical Flowers
  • Lift Me Up
  • Face IV
  • Face I
  • Day After
  • Come In Peace
  • Colorado Girls #4
  • Colorado Girls #1
  • Blue & Pink Flower
  • Blue & Brown Flower
  • Beatrice
Up Against the World
"Up Against the World"40" x 11.5"Mixed Media on Panel

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