BREAKING THE RULES – Reliving a Month of Abstraction

An abstract show featuring dk Gallery artists, Clara Blalock,Elizabeth Chapman, Helen DeRamus, Gina Hurry, Lorra Kurtz, Karen Laborde, Barbara Nerenz-Kelley, and Jennifer Rivera.

It’s spring, and dk Gallery is gettin’ busy! When we named our show “Breaking the Rules” we had no idea we’d be BREAKING RECORDS for the number of hours spent working on exceptional events!

First, we want to send big love to all of our artists that were a part of our April show. Abstract art shows are one of our best opportunities to strut our stuff and introduce new ideas and concepts of beauty to our community. We hope you got to see something new and exciting, and maybe you learned a little bit.

Karen Laborde, "Taxi IX", 60" X 48", Mixed Media
Karen Laborde, “Taxi IX”, 60″ X 48″, Mixed Media

We always love when our friend and KSU Art Professor Joe Thomas stops by. (He is a bonafide intellectual art badass.) He stirred things up with his talk on Cubism and the Not-So-Revolutionary Roots of Abstraction, and we are privileged to have him at dk, and thrilled to be able to offer his talents with our insiders.

KSU Professor Joe Thomas

KSU Professor Joe Thomas at this month’s Art Talk

2015 Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House & Gardens is an outstanding art showcase and they welcomed us back again this year. Work by dk’s artists was featured in rooms designed by Ann Wisniewski with AJW Designs, Inc., Beth Kooby Design, Kirkland and King Design Associates, Loren Taylor Interior Design, and Nina Nash with Mathews Furniture. We are always proud of our artists, but never more so than the way they set the stage for gracious living and good design. See the rooms below that had guests talking.

Beth Kooby Designs

Featured Artist: Holly Irwin. Powder room designed by Beth Kooby Design, Photo Credit: Emily Followill

Beth Kooby Designs

Featured Artist: Gina Hurry. Powder room designed by Beth Kooby Design, Photo Credit: Emily Followill


Featured Artist: Kristopher Meadows. Bedroom designed Kirkland and King Design Associates, Photo Credit: Emily Followill

Kevin Chambers Sculpture

Featured Sculpture Artist: Kevin Chambers. Foyer designed by Loren Taylor Interior Design, Photo Credit: Emily Followill

IMG_1762 AA

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Chapman. Rear entry hallway designed by Nina Nash with Mathews Furniture. Photo Credit: Emily Followill


IMG_1786 AA

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Chapman.  Rear Entry Hallway designed by Nina Nash with Mathews Furniture, Photo Credit Emily Followill


Spring in the Atlanta Equestrian Community means Steeplechase. And this year, the Steeplechase honored our own Susan Burns for the second time. Known as the official artist of the 2014 Kentucky Derby, Susan’s abstract horse paintings continue to intrigue art lovers. This April day, the winds were strong– but the art was powerful!

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If you think this month was good—just wait until you see May’s show!

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