dk Gallery

25 West Park Square
Marietta, Georgia 30060

(770) 427-5377


Donna Krueger

Art Entrepreneur. Visioneer. Pioneer. Dream Maker of dk Gallery. Gigi of 3.

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Kerry Krueger

Minister of Backroom Logistics. Part-time Art Driver. Full-Time Faith Builder. Event Paparazzi. Papa of 3 and golf aficionado.

Krista Moase

Our anchor Gallerina keeping all things afloat day in day out. Masters of Business Design & Arts Leadership from SCAD, undergrad BA Art History from UGA. Krista has been with us for 2 years and counting. Has a true love of all things art and her adorable dog Finley.

Lisa Vollbracht

Passion and enthusiasm for people, community, music, and All Things Art! With an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill and a background in building brand, marketing and business strategies, Lisa truly enjoys the opportunity to bring transformative art to businesses and corporations.

Carrie Kennedy

Lover of all things Art and Gardening. Cherishes time spent with her family and friends when she is not planning events. Graduated from UGA with a degree in sociology.

Julia Sheley

Julia is a lifetime native of Atlanta. She attends Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas and is studying Communications with a concentration in Digital Media. She has been dk’s social media intern for summer 2019.

Mary Koronkowski

Gallerina Emeritus. Phraseologist. Social Sharer. Loves all things Marietta and the local art scene. Always elevating dk artists throughout the social space. Co-creator of 16Social, marketing communications digital duo. ART IS LIFE!

Paiton McDuffie

Web designer, email strategist, and social media marketer by day, dog mom, red wine enthusiast, and vinyl spinning dancing queen by night. Herlove for the Avett Brothers is only barely eclipsed by her love for the arts.


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