Corporate Artwork: A Powerful Communication Strategy

“More and more, curators and experts say, collections of art with no set or permanent value — be they sculpture, paintings, folk art, installations or photographs — are an investment in the workplace, a statement about corporate culture that is as much for employees as it is for clients.” – NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE: The Evolution of Collections Held by Businesses By CELESTINE BOHLEN

We got a mention in Cobb In Focus this week in a timely article about Corporate Art programs. Our art consultant program assists large and small companies in reinforcing their corporate values through a site-specific program. We thought we’d take this opportunity to expand on this subject that we are passionate about.

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ART speaks in corporate settings. In businesses large and small, the values and vision of the leadership can be shared through mission statements, business cards, annual reports and thousands of reams of paper. It can be interpreted in websites and social media platforms. “But nothing in a corporate setting more powerfully communicates a company’s brand, intellectual wealth, values and vision for its employees and clients than artwork,” says dk Gallery’s Donna Krueger.

In the past, most art found in office settings may have been a collection limited to one kind of artwork, or one collector’s preferences. Today’s corporate collections are sometimes the result of a collaborative effort of committees, or more often an expert in the field charged with the task of meeting specified goals. In larger corporations these curators may be on staff. More commonly, they are locally contracted to meet project goals.

Hiring an art consultant is an efficient way to handle the task because a professional will have established processes for acquisitions, commissions, conservation, framing, display methods, and inventory practices. Each of these areas has its own challenges and can take time.


Check out the full Cobb in Focus article HERE.

Here’s an example of well-formed goals by a large corporation….

From the Microsoft Art Collection Website:

MISSION: The Microsoft Art Collection’s mission is to create an inspiring work environment that fosters creativity and innovation. We do this by displaying artwork that:

  • Reflects the Microsoft’s standards of innovation and creativity.
  • Represents the diverse and global community of Microsoft employees and our customers.
  • Humanizes and energizes the work environment.
Microsoft Collection Devorah Sperber Transporter- Spock, Kirk, and McCoy 3 Figures Beaming-In, 2007

Microsoft Collection
Devorah Sperber Transporter- Spock, Kirk, and McCoy 3 Figures Beaming-In, 2007

The Microsoft Art Collection further supports this mission through employee programming and collection stewardship practices that are designed to reflect and advance Microsoft’s culture, values and corporate citizenship at Microsoft.

Art in the work environment fosters elements essential to a company’s success, as responses in a recent survey of 32 companies attest. They felt that art in the workplace:

Enhances employee morale • Leads to networking opportunities • Reduces stress • Increases creativity and productivity • Broadens employee appreciation of diversity • Encourages discussions and expression of opinions • Evidences the company’s interest in improving quality of life in and outside of the company • Helps to build customer and community relations

Progressive Art Collection Petah Coyne Untitled #788, #790, #795, #796, #799, #800, #804, 1993 -1995

Progressive Art Collection Petah Coyne
Untitled #788, #790, #795, #796, #799, #800, #804, 1993 -1995


Here’s an example of how one local company did it…

the wareHOUSE

John & Sue Wieland Art collection: They decided to focus their purchases on art that features a house, a reflection of John’s business as a homebuilder in the Southeast.

Their earlier acquisitions concentrated on artists working in the United States. In 2005, when Rebecca Dimling Cochran joined them as curator, their collecting expanded to include both national and international artists.

For many years, the art hung in the corporate offices of John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods. In 2010, the Wielands created the wareHOUSE, where the majority of the artwork now resides.

– from the

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