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dk Gallery 2020

Introducing Edwards, Speight, Gauthier & Miles

Show Opens Friday, January 3

In the new decade, we continue with our mission to bring the best of today’s contemporary artists to dk Gallery.
We are honored to introduce these four new compelling artists, each representing a new genre for dk Gallery:
welcome Lynthia Edwards, Diane Speight, Heather Gauthier & Cathryn Miles!

Up and Coming:

12th Annual Nude and Figure Show

Show Opens Friday, February 7

A romantic evening among Contemporary & Classical figurative works from Catie Radney, Holly Irwin, Kevin Chambers, Lynthia Edwards, Shellie Crisp, Suzy Schultz, Brooke Shaden, Connie Sales, Nancy Sanders, Jeff Surace, Jennifer Gibbs, Claire Dunaway Cyr and Lars Finderup. Live violin with Tracy Woodard.