Farm to Table: A landscape and still life show featuring artists Michael Brennan, Susan Easton Burns, Robin Cheers, Heather Foster, Cecilia Haught, Spencer Herr, Jodie Hutchens, Holly Irwin, Lorra Kurtz, and David Wendel

Have you seen our new show? It’s YUMMY! Like the popular food movement, dk’s Farm to Table show features a bounty of tasteful colors and forms that represent quality picks from some of our favorite artists.


Michael Brennan’s mixed media messages resonated with our community in his first show at dk Gallery. “Symphony” is a sophisticated composition of words and pages, working in concert with a stylized horse image. The regal nature of the horse suggests a thoughtful subject matter. If you love words, chances are this series of Brennan’s work will catch your eye.


32″ x 23″

Mixed Media


Spencer Herr makes his first appearance in this show and is exhilarating with his contemporary flair with farm animals. He uses layers to express ideas and memories, and his brilliant color choices suggest a youthful exuberance tempered with experience. Now that we’ve become “Acquainted,” how can we separate the words from the animal?


26.5″ X 32″






We’ve got a thing for Holly Irwin’s restful country farm scenes. Her “Pals” has Holly’s wistful county background with the focus of the painting on a girl and her faithful companion. The girl’s dress is a ripe red that serves as the entry to the painting, and perhaps where all the secrets are kept.

“Country Heart”

48″ x 48″

Mixed Media


Jodie Hutchens brought a fresh harvest of new paintings with so many interior landscapes to explore. “Table for Two” serves up a cozy dining vignette with a light and airy color palette. The setting is serene and the abstract views outside the window invite us to decide on an urban—or is it a countryside setting?

“Table for Two, Bay Street”

20″ x 16″


table for two

ice cream



Cecilia Haught has masterful command of the hyperrealism genre. Her white ice cream bowls posed precariously on a white background in “I Scream for Ice Cream” capture the sweetest part of our imagination. With no ice cream present at all, she manages to make us drool.

“I Scream for Ice Cream”

18″ X 24″

Acrylic on Canvas


Lorra Kurtz, known for her joyful color palette, is vibrant with her textured encaustic work in the current show. “Down South” and “I Like to Moooove It” take us to a dreamlike farm where hard lines are made soft by the artist’s whimsical eye. Back to the table, her “Simple Pleasures” is a beautiful combination of traditional blue and white patterns joined with sumptuous pinks and yellows that are a feast for the eyes.

“Down South”

20″ X 24″


“Simple Pleasures”

48″ X 36″

Mixed Media


down south simple pleasures




While we’re talking about ice cream, the experience captured in “Gelato Counter” by Robin Cheers shows her expert handling of restaurant subject matter. She is adept at creating a bustling energy surrounding the ritual of food preparation and the anticipation of that first taste. Which flavor has caught her eye?

“Gelato Counter”

18″ X 12″



Are you hungry for more?? Consider this your dinner bell. The Farm to Table show is waiting to be enjoyed.

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