There areSCADSof great art education opportunities around town –PUN INTENDED

If you haven’t been exposed to the incredible variety of arts exploding all over Marietta and Cobb County, you must not get out much. The cultural medley of fine art galleries and museums, dance conservatories, theatre troupes, symphonies, orchestras, bands and even culinary offerings could keep you busy most days of the week. Have you been inspired by a performance or had a physical reaction to a moving piece of artwork and thought, “That looks like something I’d like to try.”


Marietta/Atlanta is home to an extraordinary variety of educational opportunities for every level of learning from art explorers to committed masters. Art changes lives, and we are passionate about art exploration.

Kevin Chambers Sculpture Class

Kevin Chambers Sculpture Class

Why take an art class?  Well-known author Stephen Covey says that successful people “sharpen the saw.” Learning something new falls in that category, and learning art has many benefits. Among other things, it will spark your creativity; sharpen problem-solving skills; strengthen concentration and focus; develop your non-verbal communication and more.

Studio of Helen Dreams

Studio of Helen DeRamus

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and a great time to take an art class. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite visual art opportunities.

dk Artists Teach!

Helen Deramus Serena VI Encaustic

Helen DeRamus
Serena VI

Kevin Chambers Aetherium Bronze and Sandstone

Kevin Chambers
Bronze and Sandstone


Plein Air Painting Class with MCMA. Photo from

Plein Air Painting Class with MCMA. Photo from

Art Centers:

Charles Young Walls Art Class at BINDERS

Keeping it Light:

Paint The Town Marietta

Paint The Town Marietta

It’s Getting Serious Up In Here:

SCAD Student in Studio.

SCAD Student in Studio.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Today’s a great day to get out there and sharpen your saw!

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