We don’t like to brag, but we work with some ARTastic people.


That’s right– ARTastic! So good at creating art and so fantastic at sharing their passion, a new word was needed just to describe them. We know lots of them, but one that jumps to mind is Jennifer Rivera.

One of our non-representational abstract artists, Jennifer flew down from Kansas City to join us for the “Breaking the Rules” show a couple of weeks ago. It’s always fun to catch up on the latest news from KC and to get the guinea pig report (that girl’s crazy about her pets!). As an artist/teacher/wife/mother of 3, she has meaningful stories from the front lines. Smiling, she often shares tidbits from students, or the latest news from her studio.


It was only natural when these passions came together a couple of years ago to create something new and uniquely lovely. Her poetry show, held at dk Gallery in February 2013, offered an opportunity to bring together local Poetry Society members with her visual artistry, and the results were incredible. Eight poems were selected, and Jennifer created visual interpretations of sentiments evoked through those beautifully crafted, often intimate stories. A poetry reading by the students created a multi-layered experience for gallery goers that day.




More recently, she had some excellent pieces in the “Breaking the Rules” show. Did you see “She Never Plays the Fool”? Such bold strokes and an evocative palette with a decidedly confident flair. And there is something very familiar about her minimalistic “All the Little Things.” , one of many in this series on bridges currently at the gallery.


She Never Plays The Fool_Rivera_acrylic, graphite, pastel stick_30x24_1300

she never plays the fool   acrylic, graphite, & pastel stick   30×24


All The Little Things_Rivera_acrylic & graphite_13x17(fr)_425

all the little things   acrylic & graphite   13×17


We always jump at the chance to learn more about our artists, so we asked her a few hard-hitting questions about her work and her life. Here are a few of her answers…


dk: If you could choose one celebrity and raid their closet, who would you choose?

JR: Sarah Jessica Parker. From casual to dressy, she always looks amazing!! And she has great SHOES!!!



dk: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

JR: Italy!! I’ve never been there, but it is at the very top of my bucket-list. I would paint, and eat, and paint, and shop, and paint some more!!


 dk: Do you listen to music in your studio and if so, what’s playing?

JR: I almost always listen to music in the studio. I usually listen to Paulo Nutini, Damien Rice, Ray LaMontagne, Ben Harper, Rachel Yamagata, and Bob Seger. Occasionally I listen to classical cello.




 dk: Where is your happy place?

JR: Other than my studio, my happy place would have to be Cape May. I vacationed there as a kid, and now my family enjoys vacationing there too!



Ask to see work by Jennifer Rivera next time you’re in the gallery. We are big fans of her work and of her style.

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