part two: one on one with gallery owner donna krueger

This is part two of the art conversation we began with gallery owner Donna Krueger where she speaks about some of her art travels.

Iconic view of Trevi Fountain

Iconic view of Trevi Fountain

Q: You visited Europe last year and had a number of art experiences there. What was the highlight of your trip?”

A:  That’s a hard question. There were so many great moments! But my favorite had to be our experience at the renowned Trevi Fountain. It had been recently renovated, and there were scores of tourists in Rome visiting the famous site. We happened to meet a local Italian artist Artist Papetti and his friend, and Art Critic Pia Capell, who offered to give us a tour of his exhibit. It turned out that his exhibit was in a gallery located directly across the courtyard from the iconic fountain and connected to that property. Once inside the gallery, he opened the balcony doors to a breathtaking view overlooking the fountain and the hundreds of people gathered there. It was very special, and completely unexpected–an experience of a lifetime.

Q: In what ways have your experiences at other art galleries influenced the way you operate your gallery?

A:  I have always believed that all galleries complement and build upon each other and are not competition, but rather they enhance the art community as a whole. Every gallery has their own market, style and aesthetics. This is influenced by their surrounding community and by the Curator/Gallery owner. All styles are unique.

I heard someone along the way say “the real measure of a Gallerist is how well they understand their clients.” I believe this is true and I’m always trying to understand how to better reach my clients in Marietta  — and now in Homewood, AL. They will be different. The ways I interact within those communities will be different. Artists, my style and how I reach the market may look similar, but activities will need to be tailored to those communities to succeed. I learn something from every Gallery I visit. Do they sell originals? What sizes? What is the space like? What about jewelry, photographs, prints or giclées? All Galleries have their own aesthetics. I enjoy and learn from them all.


Q: You love art and beautiful aesthetics, but what keeps you motivated day after day in the business of art?

3 generations
Rendering of dk2 in Homewood, AL

Rendering of dk2 in Homewood, AL

A:  I love so many things about working in this business like partnering with artists and seeing them create the work that our dk audience not only loves, but buys. Then putting together those exhibits that motivate collectors–seeing firsthand the way that art changes and enhances people’s lives is inspiring and energizing. I stay motivated by assisting in the growth of our artists and the education and growth of our patrons. Seeing our artists successfully increase their sales, their reach and their influence is exciting. And doing this again at dk2 in a new community in Homewood will have new opportunities to do more of the things I love, and to share those experiences with my daughter.

So much of my love of art goes back to the way my mom encouraged me. She always said, “To those given much, much is expected.” My mama has always been a joyful, merciful and attentive ear. I try to reach somewhere close to her example.


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