Let’s talk about youth. Or should I say THE youth. This month’s gallery show is #POPstart, a collection of young guest artists who are already producing phenomenal work. From portraiture, to street art, to traditional landscapes, to nudes on paper, these artists are producing the caliber of work normally seen on the White Walls — but all through the lens of Generation Y and Z.

Rock Gap, Chase King

You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Why should I care? These kids will have their opportunity; they’ve got their whole lives ahead of them. They’re fresh from college, in college, or haven’t even graduated high school.”

Wonderland, Savannah Lappert

Sure, Dustin Emory is only 19. Yes, Caleb Kennedy is only 21. But that’s exactly why we have to support them now. If they’re already producing this kind of work without true formal training, we need to give them the support, acknowledgment and resources necessary for surviving as artists into their crucial years.

Refugee, Dustin Emory

The young adults hanging on the walls of dk right now are the artists of the future. These will be the names we see in galleries and museums across the country, even across the world. Their lens and style are unique to this era, this current social climate, this life. Theirs is the work we will look back to for posterity. People say, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Don’t let it be wasted on you.

Private Flights, Caleb Kennedy

Consider Van Gogh: throughout his whole career, people rejected his work commercially, sneered at his portraits and haystacks and starry skies. Now his work travels the world, and he is arguably the most famous artist in history.

Coincidence, Lydia Day

Picasso himself said, “Youth has no age,” and neither does art. Take the opportunity to bring that alluring elixir of the art of the youth into your home, onto your walls, and let yourself go back, back to those days when you carried your camera around everywhere and drove your car a little too fast after the sun went down and stayed up way too late in your friend’s basement down the street. Relive those reckless days through the works of the artists who are living those days now. The art of this generation will breathe life into your soul if you let it.

General, Francis Styons

Take a look around. You get to decide right now what the future will look like, literally.

Atomic Study III, Niki Zarrabi

There is no better investment than one in the future of art.

By Lily Tischner

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