Donna Krueger, Owner/Gallerist

Ashley Malone, Gallery Assistant

Growing up in a family with many different artistic talents, my parents began teaching me how to interpret and appreciate art at a very young age. We traveled to many different places in Europe and the United States with the sole purpose of encouraging my love of art. It did not take long for me to develop this passion.

I took my very first art history class as a high school senior which led me to my college pursuit. I graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Art History and Political Science. After graduating, I began working at an interior design firm which added to a solid foundation for my future career in the gallery world. I am currently furthering my education in interior design at The Art Institute of Atlanta. I am members of IIDA, ASID, Design Collective ATL, MODA, and Young Professionals at the High Museum of Art.

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Paiton McDuffie, Digital Marketing Coordinator

I have always had a passion for fine art and a working understanding of what art offers the human soul. My love for art in its various forms has been nurtured and encouraged by my family from a very young age, and has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have always been desirous to learn about new art forms, to gather information about art history, and become familiar with both old masters and new artists alike.

I took AP Art in high school, which encouraged me to continue studying the arts into college. I graduated with a degree in New Media Arts from Kennesaw State, which expanded the mediums I work in to digital forms. After graduating, I pursued freelance jobs in graphic design, hand lettering, and branding. I am passionate about photography, typography & calligraphy, and graphic art. I continue to work in and learn about these and other mediums. Outside of art, my interests include my 4 year old Australian Shepherd, my vintage BMW (and cars in general), and watching movies.

dk Gallery and I found each other at a time when I was at a crossroad in my life. I wasn’t sure what to pursue or really what to do post-graduation. By seemingly divine intervention, Donna and I met and we both knew that the other was the answer to prayer that we had needed. I hope to encourage clients and visitors alike to understand, appreciate, and value fine art in the same way that those in my life have encouraged me.

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Lily Tischner, Intern/Blog Manager & Creative Content Writer

Many of you will remember Lily when she interned and aided with our social media presence last year (2016). Lily is a junior at the University of Georgia, double majoring in Comparative Literature and English. Her focus in creative writing has made her the perfect candidate to be our guest blog writer, and we are excited to share her first blog of the summer! She will be offering her impressions on specific pieceshoused in the Gallery, as well as interviewing the artists we represent. We hope that this will allow readers to get a more in depth and personal understanding of their process and provide new insight on why our artists create. To read the blog, click here.

Krista Moase, Intern/Inventory Specialist & Web Migration

I grew up in a home full of art with a mother who would always take me out to her studio to draw and paint alongside her. Throughout my childhood, my mom would take me on trips around the state to various museums and galleries to see the shows she had read about in magazines. When I was a Junior in high school, I took my first Art History class. With this class, I got the opportunity to travel around Italy and experience the art I had been studying first hand.

After this trip, I knew I wanted to continue to study art and pursued my passion at the University of Georgia graduating with my Bachelors in Art History and a minor in English. I will be attending SCAD in the Fall to pursue my Masters in Arts Administration, so I can develop more skills on how to make the art world feel more accessible and welcoming to everyone.

Krista is a graduate of University of Georgia with a degree in Art History and a minor in English. She plans on attending SCAD in the Fall to pursue her masters in Arts Administration. Krista has a history of working here on the Marietta Square and helped organize and coordinate details for the Marietta Square Artisan Market last summer. We are looking forward to working with Krista and introducing her to our wonderful patrons, clients and artists!


about dk Gallery

Housed in a beautifully updated, 1800s storefront directly on The Marietta Square, patrons enjoy a unique vibe that combines a contemporary aesthetic feel with exposed brick details. Monthly themed shows create opportunities for dk’s regular artists to experiment with subject matter and allow for the introduction of guest artists. For metro-Atlanta residents or tourists who want a place to gather and enjoy a unique twist on in town culture, The Marietta Square is the definition of a New South city center. The beautiful square and walkable streets host a never-ending calendar of events and markets, a mix of cultures that has given rise to an array of chef-owned restaurants, and a thriving art and theater community. Those searching for a destination with a blend of in town energy and small-town ambiance—just minutes from Atlanta—will find the Marietta Square a truly authentic experience.

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