The Arrival (finally) of Spring and Felicitous Florals   

Did you feel that? It was the arrival of 80 degrees this week. We’ve been experiencing signs and symbols (and sneezes) of spring for a while now. But the relapse of winter temps had us longing more than ever for the warmth and ambiance of spring.  

Our Still Life show is proof that our artists have been awaiting the same. We have the most colorful still lifes—some of them sprigs and stems, others bursting with blooms.

Beautiful floral arrangements commemorate so many important times in our lives. They appear at weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. They can be a small nosegay that brightens a mood, or that grand pop of color that connects a room’s design scheme. It’s no wonder that for hundreds of years, they have been a popular subject for painters. May’s show has yet another fresh take on these perennial favorites, and some of our artists shared how florals inspire them.

Lorra Kurtz "Shelf Life" 36x48 Acrylic on Canvas

Lorna Kurtz   Shelf Life    36×48   Acrylic on Canvas

Lorra Kurtz:  “The flowers I paint come from my imagination although I occasionally refer to Pinterest and home decor magazines for color inspirations and visual cues.  I like to play with shapes and colors in my floral arrangements.  

The blue and white vases were inspired by my visit last year to the Atlanta Symphony’s Decorators’ Show House. The beautiful vases were displayed in many rooms and caught my eye.  They are always a classic.  

My favorite piece for the May show isShelf Life.  It incorporates both the blue and white vases with a happy bouquet of flowers.  The hummingbirds, a signature element, complete the piece.”

"For Aunt Tessie Mae" 48 X 40 Acrylic on Canvas

Jenny Schultz    “For Aunt Tessie Mae”    48 X 40     Acrylic on Canvas

Jenny Schultz Pool Deck 60 X 60 Oil on Canvas

Jenny Schultz    Pool Deck   60 X 60    Oil on Canvas

Jenny Schultz:  “My florals all come from my head… I dream about flowers! I do hang around and stalk floral markets. My blood pressure drops dramatically there! I also love the green house at Boxwoods in Buckhead. They must think I’m stalking someone as often as I lurk in there. I think about colors and shapes more than actual flowers. It is really a flow of creation from within as corny as that sounds. I don’t really think, I just scrape colors that I am feeling into the canvas.

ThePool Deckpainting is my favorite in this show as it was such a fun and joyous experience to paint it. It really took me into a mindset of a child, just wanting to run at those balls and kick them into the air! I really enjoyed the shapes, the colors and the size of it all.”

Ana Guzman Still Life with Open Book 58 X 48 Oil on Canvas

Ana Guzman    Still Life with Open Book    58 X 48    Oil on Canvas

Ana Guzman: “I create my work by observing and reacting to images in the world around me – out of a complete visual impression. I identify closely with action painters, applying paint in very fast gestural free style, capturing quick reactions to imagery. Flowers have always been a thing of beauty for me and I’ve been painting them ever since I could hold a brush.

I work with direct references, reacting to the visual in front of me. I prefer to work from life, butoften use pictures and images I capture, photographs of fond memories, and research all available sources like the internet. While I continuously challenge myself, exploring ways of working with a variety of mediums and often extend from a process beyond my comfort level, I always return to the simple act of observation, of looking, of reacting and of making marks. For me, it’s always about going back to basics, back to the art of putting one color next to the other, back to simply combining drawing and painting into one.

My favorite painting in the Still Life show at dk Gallery is the one calledStill Lifewith an open book, oil on canvas, 48”x58.” I have a strong passion for the process of applying paint and for the physical aspect of the work – getting into the physical force of the action. I often paint an image over and over again to get to the real essence and impression in front of me. This painting is the last one in this particular still life series. My process of continuously breaking down the form and becoming more familiar with the space, lighting, surfaces and planes helps me to arrive at the essence of the person, place or thing I am painting.

I celebrate everyday life as the highest good and think of painting as an extension of my life.”

“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.”- Eleonara Duse

The happy florals are just one reason to stop by the May Still Lifes show. Come by and celebrate spring with us!

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