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One of the most popular shows of the year has returned to celebrate the month of LOVE. Grab your Valentine and check out Romance of the Figure and Nude beginning February 12th. Featured artists in this show have a passion for figurative work–but don’t be shy. Their latest creations will seduce both savvy and novice art lovers alike. 

Think nude figure drawing is just for flirts? It isn’t. Figure Drawing is considered a foundation in serious art study.  Art schools require “Life Drawing” as one of the very first courses because mastery of the skill of drawing human anatomy from live models prepares you for sketching everything else.


Susan Easton Burns “You” 44″ X 34″ Acrylic on Canvas

During the Renaissance, painters thought (as do many contemporary painters) that clothing limits the art to a certain time period, whereas nudity is timeless, universal and pure.

Ron Irwin "Tranquility" Oil on Canvas

Ron Irwin “Tranquility” Oil on Raw Canvas

The Naked Truth…..

The body is the perfect drawing subject because it’s always with you — your own hands, feet, face, and you can observe other people around you. Great artists must know human anatomy- the way one part connects to another- in order to create a convincing likeness. Check out Leonardo DaVinci’s hand studies. Loeon Battista Alberti (15th cent) said, “before drawing a man we must first draw him nude, then we enfold him with draperies.”

Vincent van Gogh Study of Hands 1185

Vincent van Gogh “Study of Hands”

In the 19th century, artists saw women as divine feminine energy and inspiration- the muse.  Artists wanted to depict “regular” people. Degas painted in dance studios, Henry Toulouse-Lautrec painted in brothels.


Students drawing a model at the Whitney Museum in New York City.

Art modeling is a very serious business with strict edicate. In New York City there are unions for models. Modeling is difficult and strenuous, taking a lot of concentration and strength to hold poses for long periods. “When I work in someone else’s studio, I feel like I am going to church, like I am in some kind of holy place. People that have the same ideas all together come to a place where they feel they can express those ideas… I think art is just like a religion in that sense.” – Janet Martinez, model


Holly Irwin “Mad Love” 30″ X 22″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Artists featured in this alluring show are:  

Susan Easton Burns, Kevin Chambers, Helen DeRamus, Jodie Hutchens, Shellie Lewis-Dambax, Catie Radney, Gena Brodie Robbins, Lorraine Schinelli and Christie West.  

And introducing:

Ron Irwin (husband of popular dk artist Holly Irwin). Ron’s labor-intensive nudes will captivate your attention.  The gallery will also introduce Argentinian artistJuan Francisco Adaro with his whimsical jazz musicians and female figures on board.  

Helen DeRamus "Serana VI" 24" X 20" Encaustic

Helen DeRamus “Serana VI” 24″ X 20″ Encaustic

If you’re looking for Love, you’ll find it at dk Gallery. Better than a box of chocolates, this assortment of beguiling artwork has all the charm, and none of the calories. See you there.


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