“Be Still And Know That I Am God” 60″x50″ Mixed Media

“I have a memory of being 9 years old, of being part of a large, active family. There were 8 people living in our house including kids and grandparents. It often felt very chaotic to me. I remember sitting and
working on art projects, and receiving coveted praise for my drawings. Within that spirited group, I became known as the ‘art kid.’


This is where the “power of the word” began for me. And now that’s how all my art begins.” Amy Cobb



Amy Cobb is one of the most recent artists to join the dk Gallery stable. Her work first appeared in dk Gallery when she was awarded top honors through her participation in Art Walk. Her unique insights are communicated through veiled iconic imagery, the written word and through her muted color palette. Amy attributes her love of art to those early words of praise given by her grandparents, and that is a gift that she is intentional about passing along to others. An art educator for 10 years, she taught what she calls a second language. “It was like learning Spanish.” Art is a language that students can use to express themselves constructively when the words are elusive.


The energy in her home today is somewhat reminiscent of those early years with a tireless husband and 6 kids, a couple of dogs, cats, chickens and the occasional immigrant family. Somewhere along the way, she picked up beekeeping. This hobby opened her up to a fresh direction in her artwork as beeswax became plentiful for use in her encaustic designs. She has managed to keep an art studio where she can slip away, back to her refuge. She says it typically takes about a week to finish her favorite 48”x24” works, and they always start with a word, or The Word.


A deeply spiritual woman, the imagery in Amy’s work can always be traced back to her strong faith in her Creator.

“Words are seeds for me, especially from scripture. I just let them grow in me, and there are always others fertilizing them. It never makes sense until it is done. I don’t see the completed image in my head ahead of time. The name always comes last, and it’s hard.


“The Keys Have Been Given” 10″x10″ Mixed Media & Encaustic on Panel

Consider the Birds, a recent body of work, is one that holds special meaning. The phrase originated in Matthew 6:26, and she found hours of inspiration from the teaching of God’s provisions for the birds. She learned to find the beauty even in Ravens, a bird mentioned throughout the Bible as unclean.


“Painting ‘the words’ takes me through transitions in my life. It shores me up. Everything that comes along is here to show me how to know God better. For this reason, I used to have trouble letting my paintings go. Now I am able to experience those transitions, and then let the paintings go out into the world to speak to others.”


“Forgiveness” 36″x32″ Mixed Media & Encaustic on Paper

And she has let a lot of paintings go. Her work resonates very strongly with many collectors. Her paintings have been the source of gallery tears and of celebration among patrons who respond to her intense pieces as if she were revealing their very own story.


Popular culture is a subject sometimes lauded, and sometimes disdained by artists. We asked if she collected anything, and she lamented over the current trend of creating bucket lists to collect experiences. Her greatest extravagance, she says, is her studio time. “It takes me back to my childhood –that safe, protected space from the chaos of life.”


We are grateful for her extravagance, and look forward to seeing more from this inspired artist!



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