i’ve got the blues

If July’s scorching temps have you searching for an oasis, head to dk Gallery.

Patricia Begins Magers Blue Dive 56x81 Oil on canvas

patricia beggins magers  blue dive  56×81  oil on canvas

Aqua, azure, turquoise, cerulean, royal, imperial, cyan, baby, cornflower, sky, navy, midnight, cobalt, teal, periwinkle, sapphire, indigo, peacock ….. If it’s a shade of blue, you’ll find it hanging in this month’s I’ve Got the Blues show.

While we can own all these shades in a box of Crayolas today, early generations could only enjoy these colors in water and sky because blue was a color not available in the soil. Blue pigment made from semi-precious, hard to get minerals remained rare and expensive to make until the industrial age. Because of its cost, it was always associated with divinity and royalty. These days it can be found in many corporate themes.

Jennifer Rivera She Packed Her Bags And Is Heading South mixed media 54x54

jennifer rivera  she packed her bags and is heading south

All your favorite artists have handled their blues masterfully in this show. You won’t want to miss exciting works by Patricia Beggins Magers. Her “Blue Dive” and “Abandon” are enchanting snapshots of the world where swimmers live just under the pool’s surface in the billowing aqua bubbles.

There are nonrepresentational abstracts like Jennifer Rivera’s “She Packed Her Bags And Is Heading South.” Her turquoise and royal background provide a sturdy foundation for the flourishes of reds and golds. Clearly the “South” is a happy place to go.

You’ve seen Susan Easton Burns’  signature horse paintings in classic blue, but have you seen her geisha? She has explored geisha as a colorful subject matter over the years. Her new “Flow” in shades of indigo will captivate viewers with the mysteries of her hidden heart.

Other blue works of art by Clara Blalock, Holly Irwin, Nancy Bass, Elizabeth Chapman, Terrence Gasca,  Erika Guillory Page, Ana Guzman, Lorra Kurtz, Alberto Mier and Jayne Morgan.

There’s nothing to be sad about in this month’s “I’ve Got the Blues” show. Come see us.

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