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From the first show in 2008, dk Gallery has become a destination for art lovers and art discoverers alike. A beautiful space on the Marietta Square invites guests to leave the ordinary behind on the sidewalk and step into a place of awe and wonder. Reverently curated, the gallery represents local and national established artists with contemporary fine art pieces that bring joy and excitement to the space. Guest artists ensure there is always something new to discover. Monthly show themes keep the gallery fresh and it remains popular in local MUST SEE listings.



We are grateful to be a part of the art journey with our patrons. From a first‐time art purchase to the 100th piece, we share the joy of collecting with clients all along their path. We consult on private and corporate collections, but never tire of introducing the world of contemporary fine art to our friends who are just getting started. We collaborate with other gallery owners and curate high energy shows featuring artwork from other galleries as part of our continuing education efforts on a diverse art collection . A well‐loved, curated collection captures and preserves moments in time and turns them into a lasting legacy that can be shared.



The graceful movements in a ballet performance, the harmonious chords in a musical score, the turn of a phrase in a poetry reading, or an unexpected combination of brush strokes on canvas – we have all been transformed in that moment when something inside us connects with that artistic expression. In all its many forms, art sets out to be discovered and contemplated. In that moment of longing, we recognize a striving for better and greater achievements. Art creates a desire for spiritual and emotional understanding. Art enriches lives.


25 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060


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25 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060
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