Guest Artist Erin Henry

Guest Artist Erin Henry
Erin Nicole Henry is a Contemporary artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, where she began working in the arts at an early age. After leaving art school, her cutting edge paintings made a loud arrival into the art world since they began regularly showing in multiple galleries around the city. 
Erin examines her environment through surrealist portraits of the human figure. Her work is intentional, with confident brushstrokes, rich layers of color, and details that pull you in. Her unique style and curious subject matter have captured the attention of art lovers and collectors across the globe. Working from her studio in Atlanta, Erin has chosen to use her growing platform as an artist and a working model to spark conversation and bring awareness to issues surrounding LGBTQ equality, sexual harassment, and abuse."
Artists Statement 
Most of my inspiration to create comes from nature, the human figure, and a sense of ambiguity. By composing a narrative in an expressive and slightly surrealistic way, the goal of my art is to not only bring a unique beauty to seemingly insignificant things, but to give a physical exhibition of my daily observations on objects, behaviors, interactions, and other abstract moments. 


As I have progressed as an artist, I have found that my natural implication of art is as a mode of documenting events and recording my current condition, observations, and views, as I pass through life. I believe planning often kills the essence of the original and sudden inspiration, making my process usually very impromptu, and sometimes incidental. Reflection is also a vital part of my process, often leading to a series of work being grouped and organized retrospectively.
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